We are meeting in person at Jennings Mill Country Club. 
Thursday mornings beginning at 7:30am.  We look forward to seeing everyone!

If you would like to use the services of one of our members, we are glad to provide their contact information below.  However, we request that you do not mass market via phone or email to our members.  If you would like to meet our members, you would be welcome to come as a guest to any our meetings.  Thank you!

Dog Trainer

Sit Happens Dog Training & Behavior
Tina Spring
Athens, Georgia
Telephone: 706-202-5419
Dog Trainer Logo

We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs. We teach using dog and human friendly methods (no shock collars here). We can help you prepare your dog for life with baby, help your kids and your dog get along better, help you have a more well-mannered happy pet, work through aggression and fear issues and even help you prepare your dog for dog sports like Agility or Herding. We offer group, private and even board & train options for training in Athens, Marietta & Buckhead, GA and in Asheville, NC.

Do you own a business where you and your employees come in contact with dogs in the community? Sit Happens can help here too. We can teach your staff what dogs are communicating through signaling and how to work to avoid a potential conflict. We Speak Dog!