We are meeting in person at Jennings Mill Country Club. 
Thursday mornings beginning at 7:30am.  We look forward to seeing everyone!

If you would like to use the services of one of our members, we are glad to provide their contact information below.  However, we request that you do not mass market via phone or email to our members.  If you would like to meet our members, you would be welcome to come as a guest to any our meetings.  Thank you!

Payroll Services

Marathon HR
Katie Small
Athens, Georgia
Telephone: 678-231-1106
Fax: 706-559-0028
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We are a Payroll and Human Resource Outsourcing company.  We provide the following services to our clients.




Payroll -Direct Deposit or check, along with all payroll tax filings, easy to understand reports, and professional pay stubs for your employees




Benefits Management-We enroll remove and make changes efficiently for employees into your group medical, dental, 401K or IRA plan.




Risk Management-We look at your specific business and industry and provide advice and service on how to have and keep a safe working environment along with protection from fraudulent employee claims and claim management to keep your insurance cost low.




Human Resources-Hiring, termination, professional administrative tools, service and advice keep your business legally compliant and a better working environment for employees.