If you would like to use the services of one of our members, we are glad to provide their contact information below.  However, we request that you do not mass market via phone or email to our members.  If you would like to meet our members, you would be welcome to come as a guest to any our meetings.  Thank you!

Computer Services

Matt Davis
529 Baxter Street, Athens GA 30605
Telephone: 706-521-8100
Map & Directions
Website: http://https://experimax.com/locations/athens-ga/
Email: matt.davis@experimax.com

Experimax Athens, GA is home to your local Mac® experts. Do you need to repair your broken iPhone® screen? Do you need to find the best computer for school? Are you ready to replace your old MacBook® for a newer model? Do you just need some Apple® nerds who can answer your questions? We've got you (even on PC computers)!

At Experimax, we offer Certified Pre-Owned Apple computers, iPads® and iPhones - and every device we sell includes our Experisure warranty. We specialize in providing the Apple stuff you love at a price that you'll love even more! If you're looking for a discount or a great deal on a Mac® computer, iphone® or iPad®, then you have to visit Experimax Athens, GA today! UGA dorm students have a short walk as we are located on Baxter St just up the hill from Sanford Stadium